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jaw crusher pe 250x400 Metso C125 jaw plate in indian
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The jaw crusher has a compact and simple structure, and the transmission parts such as the eccentric shaft are less stressed; because the vertical displacement of the moving jaw is small, the material is less excessively broken during processing, and the wear of the movable jaw is small. The main components of the jaw crusher are:jaw plate,liner board,toggle plate,moving jaw...
Jaw Crusher PE250*400
The working surface of the jaw crusher is equipped with a jaw plate, which is generally cast by ZG45 and ZC35, and the upper part is supported by an eccentric shaft. The bearing has a sliding bearing, some use a rolling bearing, and the lower part is supported by a thrust plate. The moving work surface is set with a toothed crushing plate and fastened with bolts. Pay attention to the anti-loose. In order to reduce the weight and increase the sturdiness, the shackles are made into a box-shaped body, and the bottom of the shackles is pulled by the hooks. The mounting angle of the mounting is usually 150-250.

The moving jaw working face and the front side of the frame are equipped with toothed jaw plate, and the inner side walls of the frame are provided with side shields without teeth to form a square pyramid crushing chamber. The slab and the slab are directly in contact with the crushed material, and are subjected to strong crushing force and friction and wear, so they are generally made of wear-resistant materials. Commonly used is ZGMn13 or expensive high-manganese-nickel-molybdenum steel. Small-sized jaw crushers in small and medium-sized factories are also commonly used for white cast iron.
In order to make the moving jaws close to the moving jaws, lead or other fillers can be placed between the contact surfaces. The characteristics of high-manganese steel are good wear resistance, but the machinability and welding performance are poor. It is brittle during casting and forging, but after 1000-1050 degree water quenching, high tensile, shear, ductility and toughness can be obtained. Generally, at the time of leaving the factory, the crushing plate is water quenched, and is generally not reheated during use.

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