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What is a jaw crusher pe 250x400 parameters price in 2019 indian?
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jaw crusher pe 250x400 parameter
CFTC today only lists one of the models of the jaw crusher. The specification is jaw crusher pe 250x400. The parameter values ​​of this specification are as follows:

250×400 represents the feeding port size of the equipment is 250×400; the maximum feeding granularity is 210mm; the discharge opening is adjusted to 20-60mm; the processing capacity of this type of crushing equipment is 5-20t per hour. The speed of the eccentric shaft is 300r per minute; the power of the power supply is 6P 15kw; the size of the overall fuselage is 1300×1090×1270; the total weight is 2.8t.
jaw crusher pe 250*400
The jaw crusher pe 250x400 is not a high-processing type in the whole crusher model, nor is it a small-size model. This type of crushing equipment is based on the current crushing industry, most of which are small and medium-sized developments. Prepared by the company, with a simple structure, moderate overall weight, convenient transportation and installation, etc., to create more profits for the use of enterprises.
250×400 jawcrusher broken price
There are many factors influencing the price of the product. The whole article only focuses on the detailed analysis of the main factors affecting the price of the jaw crusher pe 250x400.
1, the impact of the size of the model. Why is the size of the model first mentioned? The size of the model is also mentioned above. The difference between the model size and the size is one of the main factors affecting the price of the whole crushing equipment. The size of the good clothes and shoes are different, the price is different, and the price is different. The price is more than the manufacturing raw materials, so the price difference is reflected.

2. How much is the cost of casting? Nowadays, there are some informal manufacturers in the society. Sometimes people can use whatever means to make money, and their hearts will be black. Cut the cost of casting to reduce the cost of production, thereby gaining huge benefits, satisfying your own pockets, and being extremely irresponsible to customers, allowing customers to purchase low-cost and insecure products in the province to harm customers.

3. Fluctuation in demand in the near stage. Henan is a city with more obvious seasons. The price also fluctuates with the change of the season. The fruit should be more obvious. Take watermelon, the watermelon in winter is about forty or fifty, in the summer, one in the summer. At most, it is more than ten yuan. The principle embodied is that the goods are rare, the production is less, and the price is relatively high.

Therefore, the specific price of the jaw crusher pe 250x400 cannot be given here, but it should be noted that if the jaw crusher is purchased, the manufacturer with quality assurance and reasonable price should be selected to avoid the violation of its own rights and interests. Since its inception, Red Star has always adhered to the concept of entrepreneurship based on the principle of customer, so that the interests of customers are greater.

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