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what's the price of River pebble controls arenaceous machine?
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River pebble makes arenaceous machine is one of making arenaceous aircraft equipment, the stock of above of the hardness in waiting in the light of river pebble, cobble undertakes arenaceous treatment works making, market application is at present wide, very main effect had in the manufacturing treatment process of river pebble artificial sand.
Internal composition undertakes on the base that river pebble controls arenaceous aircraft equipment to make arenaceous machine according to the tradition transform, realized the promotion of function, be aimed at river pebble, cobble the case with these stock higher hardness, have the research of specific aim, better improved manufacturing efficiency, reduced manufacturing cost at the same time. River pebble makes dominant position of arenaceous aircraft equipment.
Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
1, yield is high, make arenaceous treatment in the light of river pebble, crop promotes 20% ;
 2, the use that imports wear-resisting material is better rose fragile use cycle, reduced manufacturing cost; 
3, finished product percent of pass is tall, fine pink decreases; 
4, managing specific power consumption, below coequal condition, reduce specific power consumption about 15% ;
 5, safeguard convenient, can realize single person operation, safety is convenient and quick; The requirement that a few issues that river pebble makes issue of arenaceous machine price control arenaceous machine price about river pebble need to combine specific manufacturing technology and the corresponding increase and decrease that assist device undertake the business accounting of the price, one machine one price, different manufacturing technology price is put in difference. 

CFTCA is holding to a technology to serve manufacturing principle, improve not shortly to what river pebble makes arenaceous aircraft equipment have a technology, with the better manufacturing need that applies to all sorts of differring.

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