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Features and functions of Symons Cone Crusher
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Symons cone crusher has the characteristics of reliable structure, high production efficiency, easy adjustment, and economical use. The following introduces the Simmons cone crusher in detail for everyone.

First, the main role of Symons Cone Crusher
Symons Cone Crusher has an overload device, so there is no requirement for the hardness of the crushed material. It can be used to crush granite, marble, river pebble, limestone, iron ore, etc. It can be widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement plants. , Construction, sand metallurgy and other industries.
High Efficient Hydraulic FT Symons Cone Crusher
Second, the characteristics of Symons Cone Crusher
1. There are more cubes in the product and the grain shape is better: Although the lamination crushing principle makes the needle-like content in the product more, the Symons Cone Crusher makes the cube content in the product through the high-entry crushing cavity type and the force used. More

2. Equipment maintenance is convenient and easy to operate: Symons Cone Crusher components can be disassembled from the upper or side, so that the fixed cone and moving cone assembly can be easily removed. Bronze plain bearings can maintain excellent load-bearing performance in a high-shock vibration and crushing environment, and are more economical and easier to maintain than rolling bearings;

3. Stable equipment operation: When non-crushing objects such as iron blocks enter the machine, the iron protection device of the Symons Cone Crusher will automatically release it and then reset it automatically. The iron-passing protection has a fixed discharge port return point. After the mixed iron passes through the crushing cavity, the original discharge port can be quickly restored;

4. The lubrication system is well done: the automatic control system with large diameter spindle, heavy-duty main frame and independent thin oil lubrication system, and independent thin oil lubrication system with multi-point control can ensure the double protection of bearing lubrication of this model , And can realize automatic security protection of the whole machine.

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