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What are the 4 heat treatment methods of crusher accessories?
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There are four main types of heat treatment: quenching, annealing, tempering, and normalizing.

1. Quenching: Simply put, it is the treatment method of rapidly cooling the material after it is heated to make it hard. It has been in the manufacturing process of Japanese knives in the past. Of course, not everything is heated and then cooled. Various materials (compositions) have corresponding heating temperature, holding time and cooling method.
Taking the most common steel, it is the operation of austenitizing temperature to make it into a martensite structure, so as to obtain a high hardness operation. The so-called quenching is the way to force it into the desired organization.

2. Annealing: This is a heat treatment method that slowly cools the heated material to make it soft or eliminate its residual stress. Of course, there are heating temperature, holding time and cooling method.
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Materials that cannot be cut can be cut by annealing. This problem can also be eliminated by annealing the casting and forging that deforms with the cutting. Therefore, it is a very important processing method.

3. Tempering: If only quenching treatment is performed, it will become hard and brittle, resulting in problems such as deformation due to residual stress. In order to solve this problem, only the tempering process is performed, that is, the state of the material structure after quenching is tempered or precipitated to obtain a stable structure. In order to obtain such a structure, the operation method of heating it to a certain temperature and then cooling it is called tempering.

The tool steel represented by high-speed tool steel is tempered to lay its toughness without reducing its hardness.

4. Normalizing: The operation mode of heating the workpiece to austenitizing and cooling in air is called normalizing. Through normalizing, the structure of the workpiece will become a finer ferrite structure or a structure intercalated with cementite and pearlite, thereby improving its mechanical properties, eliminating factors affecting its processing, and increasing its toughness. In addition, the heat treatment of steel includes a martensite method, an austenite method, a solution heat treatment, and a precipitation hardening treatment.
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