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Which mobile crusher brand of tracked mobile crushing equipment is better we shold to choose?
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At present, there are many manufacturers of crushing equipment, which brand is better?

The tracked mobile crushing station is more intelligent than the tire type crushing station. It does not need the locomotive traction. The remote control operation can immediately realize the in-situ turning and walking. The frame can be equipped with various models of feeding, crushing, screening and other equipment, which is generally used in many multi machine joint operations.
tracked mobile crusher
CFTC tracked mobile crushing station advantages :

1. Flexible collocation, multiple functions and direct and effective functions
According to its working principle, tracked mobile crushing station can be combined with crusher and screen machine to form an integrated crusher and screen machine, and can also be combined with sand making equipment to make a mobile sand making machine. It is suitable for materials with higher hardness such as pebble and granite, as well as materials with lower hardness such as limestone and construction waste, which are suitable for a wide coverage of materials.

2. Integrated unit design, intelligent control and advanced technology
The tracked mobile crushing station, like the tire type mobile crushing station, integrates various modes and integrates unit design. More intelligently, the crawler type mobile crushing station does not need to be driven by people, and can be operated by remote control with one key. It is very convenient and fully conforms to the current intelligent technology.
3. Dual use of oil and electricity, strong adaptability to the environment
In the operation mode of oil and electricity, the equipment can be directly connected to the power of the transformer during operation, or the power generation system can be adopted, and the diesel power generation mode can fully achieve the power consumption, with strong adaptability to the environment.

How much does a mobile crushing station cost?
The capacity of the tracked mobile crushing station produced by CFTC is between 50-800tph tons per hour. The specific production requirements can be customized and matched according to the actual needs of customers, and can be met whether it is crushing, sand making or direct screening. The equipment matching is very flexible. In addition, we use the online quotation mode, you can submit your various requirements such as processing raw materials, production demand and plant area. Our professional technical manager will help you match the equipment according to your actual situation, and then quote to know the specific quotation of the crawler type mobile crushing station. You can private mail the editor or click "learn more" below to consult us Online customer service.

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