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Abuja granite production site in Nigeria
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Nigeria is a major energy country in Africa. There are 34 kinds of proven minerals with commercial exploitation value and rich granite resources. Granite can be used as an important building aggregate. With the continuous improvement of Nigeria's infrastructure, building aggregates Demand is increasing, and granite sanding equipment is widely used.
Production line introduction:
Processing material: granite
Production: 150 tons / hour
Finished product: 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm
Equipment configuration: One vibrating feeder GZD1100X4200, one jaw crusher PE750x1060, one cone crusher CSB220, and one circular vibrating screen 4YZS1860.
Production situation: After-sales service is thoughtful, the equipment is running well, attracting customers around to visit and become one of our model customers in this market.
CFTC Granite sand production line processing process:
It mainly includes the feeding, crushing, sieving, conveying and other links. The feeding machine is responsible for uniformly and continuously feeding the stone into the crushing chamber for preliminary crushing. Generally, the broken metal is used as a rough breaking device, and the “cutting” is first carried out. The coarse crusher processes the stone material to a particle size of 50 mm, and then uses a fine crusher to process it to about 10 mm. The equipment is selected in combination with the particle size requirement. After each crushing, the screening machine is used for screening control. After the fine crushing, the qualified stone is conveyed. The machine is sent to the finished product warehouse, and the unqualified one needs to be re-smashed.
CFTC Granite sand production line performance advantages:
1, high taste of the discharge: high finished product grade, strong cohesiveness, three-dimensional shape, uniform particle size, can be used in road construction to show greater durability and longer service life.
2, environmental protection, energy-saving effect is good: the entire production line is equipped with advanced noise removal and dust removal devices, equipped with standard energy-saving motors, more green and low-carbon.
3, low failure rate: each device is made of more wear-resistant materials, especially wearing parts, anti-wear, corrosion resistance is stronger, the overall operation is stable, the failure rate is greatly reduced.
4, high degree of automation: the entire process of the entire production line can be controlled by remote operation, greatly saving labor costs, simplifying the production process and improving the convenience of production.

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