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Ore Beneficiation

Concentrating Table

Feed particle size0.15-2mm.

Processing capacity10-60t/d.

Applicable materialTin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, antimony, bismuth, iron, manganese, titanium and coal.


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The concentrating Table is a gravity beneficiation equipment for sorting fine-grained materials. It is widely used in the selection of tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, antimony, bismuth, iron, manganese, titanium and coal. The Concentrating Table has a long history and is constantly developing and innovating. From the initial straight bed Concentrating Table to the single-curved bed Concentrating Table, to the double-curved bed Concentrating Table, the Concentrating Table is processed and recovered. Both the enrichment ratio and the enrichment ratio have been greatly improved.

Performance characteristics:
The concentrating Table combines the domestic shaker and gravity beneficiation technology, and has the advantages of high enrichment ratio, good sorting efficiency and simple operation, and can obtain the final concentrate and the final tailings at one time. Compared with the traditional process, it has the advantages of no chemicals, low energy consumption, easy management, and the like, and has high cost performance.


Type Feeding granularity(mm) Capacity(t/d)
power weight
9YC suspension three-layer concentrating Table 0.04-0.5 9.6-2.8 1.5 2.14 5725×2020×2950
6-S suspension three-layer concentrating Table 0.02-2 15-105 1.1 0.85 5600×1825×1560
LY suspension three-layer concentrating Table 0.02-2 15-105 1.1 1.25 5600×1825×1560
XZY2100×1050 small concentrating Table 0-4 7.2-19.2 1.1 0.694 3090×1050×1033


working principle:
The concentrating Table beneficiation is a combination of the symmetric reciprocating motion of the mechanical slab and the laminar flow of water on a sloping bed surface, so that the ore particles are loosely layered and separated on the bed surface, so that the minerals are sorted according to the density. process.

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