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Ore Beneficiation

Overflow Type Ball Mill

Max Feeding size95-3400(kW).


Applicable materialwidely used in powder-making production line which include silicate, new-type building material, cement, refractory material, fertilizer, glass ceramics and so on..


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The Overflow Type Ball Mill is a high-end equipment. It is generally used as a core equipment in the beneficiation production line. Its main function is grinding. Its main advantage is high grinding precision and large production capacity. Such equipment can be better used by users. The economic benefits created for users are also quite amazing. This article describes the device in detail based on the working principle and characteristics of the device.

Energy Saving Ball Mill

1.High efficiency and low invest with high return.
2.Even product size that means the shape of the final products is circular.
3.Easy operation and easy maintenance.
4.Good stability and low energy consumption.
5.Adjustable device.
6.No pollution and low noise.

Energy Saving Ball Mill


Model Cylinder
Ball load(t)
Motor Weight(t)
Power(kW) Revolution(r/min)
MQY15x30 1500 3000 5 26.6 9 95 742 18.5
MQY21x30 2100 3000 9.4 22.1 15 200 740 45
MQY24x30 2400 3000 12.2 21 22.5 250 980 55
MQY27x36 2700 3600 18.5 20.5 39 400 187.5 61.34
MQY27x45 2700 4500 23.5 20.5 43.5 500 187.5 76
MQY28x80 2800 8000 43 20 78.6 800 137 115
MQY32x36 3200 3600 26.3 18.3 48.4 500 16.7 116.94
MQY32x45 3200 4500 32.9 18.3 60.5 630 167 124.23
MQY32x75 3200 7500 55.5 18.3 102 1250 734 154
MQY34x45 3400 4500 37 18.4 74.6 800 167 129.8
MQY34x56 3400 5600 45.8 17.9 84.3 1120 985  
MQY36x50 3600 5000 46.7 17.5 102 1250 167 150
MQY36x60 3600 6000 54 17.3 102 1250 167 162.7
MQY36x90 3600 9000 83.5 17.4 138 1800 734 286
MQY40x60 4000 6000 69.8 16 126 1500 200 203.5
MQY40x135 4000 13500 155 16 233 3300 200 343
MQY43x61 4300 6100 80 15.67 144 1750 200 215.3
MQY55x65 5500 6500 143.3 13.8 264 3400 200 451.5


The main bearing is a key component of the Overflow Type Ball Mill. It must pay full attention to its lubrication. It is generally concentrated and lubricated with thin oil. The oil flows through the pump into four parts and is pressed into the main bearing and the transmission bearing, and then discharged to the bottom of the bearing. The pipe then flows back to the tank. For medium and small ball mills, oil ring automatic lubrication, oil cup oil lubrication or solid lubricants are used. Some concentrators are equipped with an automatic oil-breaking alarm device to ensure the reliability of lubrication. The overflow ball mill is supported on the main bearing by a hollow shaft at both ends. One of the two hollow shafts is axially stretchable on the main bearing and the other is fixed. Since the gearing of the ball mill produces a directional force, a hollow journal is designed with two shoulders, and the distance between the shoulders is exactly equal to the length of the bearing bush to prevent axial movement. The other hollow journal has no shoulders and its length is greater than 5-25 mm for the length of the bearing bush. When the cylinder is heated to elongate or the cylinder is flexed due to the load, it can freely expand and contract within a certain range.

Energy Saving Ball Mill working principle

Faq-may you want to kown

Q1. How long is the warranty of your equipments? Does your company supply the spare parts?

The warranty period of crusher equipments is 12 months. Yes, we supply the spare parts for you at lowest cost and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

Q2. What Information should customers give us? So that we can be able to provide you suitable solution and equipments.

1. What's the capacity you prefer? ( such as 150TPH etc ) 2. What is the raw material you want to process? ( such as andesite, basalt, etc ) 3. What is the input size of your raw material? 4. What's the final product size do you want?

Q3. Can you test our samples? Do you provide beneficiation flow chart?

Yes. You can send your samples to us for test and analysis. Our experienced engineers are specialized in designing process flow for various ores beneficiation, including iron ore, tin ore, copper ore, gold ore, lead zinc ore, manganese ore, etc.

Q4. If I need the complete crushing plant can you help us to build it?

Yes, we can help you combine a complete crushing line and give you related professional advices as long as you need. We had already build many mining projects in China & Overseas.

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