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Flotation process of gold ore

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Flotation is the most widely used mineral processing method for processing gold deposits in gold concentrators. It is commonly used to treat sulfide minerals containing gold ore with high floatability. The flotation process maximizes the enrichment of golApplication field
The gold ore flotation process is suitable for the treatment of gold-bearing sulfide ore with fine gold particles and good floatability. During the flotation process, the sulfide ore is enriched as a gold carrier in the sulfide concentrate, and the flotation method is also available. To deal with polymetallic gold-bearing sulfide ore and carbonaceous ore. In addition, for "difficult ore" that cannot be directly treated by amalgamation or cyanidation, it is also necessary to use a combined process including flotation.

Process introduction
The main influencing factors of flotation include grinding fineness, slurry concentration, dosage of chemicals, at best, flotation time and so on. Often, these process conditions require beneficiation testing and practical experience to determine.

Process flow
The flotation process is one of the important factors affecting the flotation of minerals. The rational choice of the process depends mainly on the nature of the ore. At the same time, factors such as ease of operation, low operating cost and maximum recovery of useful minerals should be considered.

For gold ore flotation with a single gold mineral, a relatively uniform particle size, and a relatively coarse particle size, a one-stage grinding process is usually used. For gold deposits in which gold is unevenly embedded in coarse and fine particles, it is usually pre-recovered by placing mercury plates or re-election equipment in the grinding classification circuit before flotation. The above two processes are mostly used in gold ore dressing plants. For gold mines with complex ore properties, the flotation process is also more complicated. For example, the stage grinding stage selection process and the mud sand separation process are all applied in practice. For the flotation of gold-bearing polymetallic ores, the process is characterized by complex and diversified characteristics. Gold is usually concentrated in a certain mineral concentrate, and gold is sold as an associated mineral.

Flotation equipment is mainly used for various types of flotation machines, and flotation equipment such as new flotation columns are also used in individual gold mines.

XJK flotation machine is a traditional self-priming flotation machine, and JJF, SF and BF flotation machines are new self-priming flotation machines.
flotation machine
Inflatable mechanical agitation flotation machine is the most competitive flotation equipment at present. This type of equipment has the advantages of simple structure, air filling and uniform dispersion, low impeller rotation speed, low energy consumption and light wear. At the same time, this type of equipment also makes It is possible to enlarge the ore dressing equipment, and the KYF flotation machine has a single tank volume of up to 320 m3.

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