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South Africa 150tph gold ore mobile crushing and screening plant

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This is a customer from the Central African countries. He has been engaged in diamond and gold mining for many years. He is an old businessman in South Africa. The manager of the foreign trade department of Pikes and the customer met at a mechanical exhib
In August 2017, the customer found us at the Southern Machinery Technology Exhibition, and consulted about the mining and screening of gold mines. Manager Wang of the Foreign Trade Department gave a detailed introduction to the principle of crushing and screening of ore for our equipment, as well as specifications. .

When we introduced and analyzed the advantages of the MPEX equipment, the friendly South African businessman asked us to customize the crushing and screening equipment according to his needs. We quickly recommended the MPEX-4800RS mobile impact crusher and the MPEX-AGP200 mobile cone crusher for the ore properties of the gold mine.

Process introduction
basic situation:

Project location: South Africa
Aggregate size: 2-10mm, 10-18mm, 18-25mm
Collecting materials: gold mine
Collection equipment: MPEX-4800RS mobile impact crusher, MPEX-AGP200 mobile cone crusher, MPEX-6203 mobile horizontal vibrating screen, MPEX-1532 mobile conveyor
Capacity: 2,500 tons / day
Production time: November 2017

Process introduction

Equipment customization: MPEX-4800RS mobile impact crusher + MPEX-AGP200 mobile cone crusher + MPEX-6203 mobile horizontal vibratory screening machine + MPEX-1532 mobile conveyor combined crushing program.
Process introduction
In addition to being relatively soft, the gold ore contains a large amount of impurities in the middle. After being crushed by the MPEX-4800RS mobile impact crusher, the scrap belt is transported back to the feed port for secondary screening and crushing.
The obtained gold ore stone is then subjected to fine crushing of the gold mine using the MPEX-AGP200 mobile cone crusher.
Since the gold mine has more waste after crushing, the MPEX-6203 mobile horizontal vibrating screen can greatly reduce the waste of the finished aggregate.

The CFTC has raised the standards for the environmental protection of the project, which has greatly reduced the impact of the production line on the surrounding environment. It has achieved the recognition of African customers while pursuing economic benefits while taking into account social benefits.

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